In conversation with
Marrousia Mbaye

We discussed her artistic practice and the various intentions of her work

The Hyperflux collection
by Williams Chechet

It is bold, colourful, full of personality and life.

Outer Space by
TJ Agbo

TJ Agbo's mixed-media and abstract approach to portraiture

by G.R.A.Z.I.E

A Faceless firgure

Katherine Johnson
by Victoria Villasana

Victoria Villasana celebrates black history month with a portrait of Katherine Johnson


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A fascination with conceptual and abstract portraiture


A post-apocalyptic art piece

The end of the world

By Photographer Maroussia_Mbaye

vs Appropriation

In the Contemporary and Modern Art World

‘Vision Body Print’
by Ieva Li

Ieva Li explores images of the female body.


by @Callum_Simmons

‘Zela’ by .EPOD

Futuristic skyscapes, murals and sculpture

‘Healing’ by Nikollah

Pushing a negative past
and history behind them

Marvin Gaye Mural
by Dreph

“What’s going on?”.

Mancunia by
Callum Simmons

His home city in a glorious mask of sunset

‘93’ by
Monsieur Bonheur

The poorest area in mainland France,
‘department number 93’.

“I go through hell
to show you love”

by @Exhibit 69

Portrait of Andy

A portrait by
the french artist Lolie Darko

A Celebration of Women

#MeToo movement act as a stern reminder
for men to champion women

A conversation with
Yana Rits

Time, femininity,
sexuality and humour.

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