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Julia Lang: The Force Standing Behind the Brands Discussing strategies, successes and social media

Julia recently took time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her inspirational back-story.

Women’s History Month: Through The Lens Of These Central Power Players

How has the livelihood of women changed over the last 50 years? Well, in a society still widely believed to favour their male counterparts, there are those who feel encouraged by certain initiatives that bestow sexual parity between both men and women, yet at the same time, aren’t quite ready to celebrate gender equality in its truest form. The #MeToo movement, for instance, has been one of the most productive tools put in place to help leverage justice against men who have shamelessly leveraged personal clout and capital over members of the opposite sex. When else has there been a time in recent memory when a woman’s word was good enough to take down powerful figureheads and corporate conglomerates alike?



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