Gallery Delarue Are Collaborating With Authentique – Epicerie & Bar
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Gallery Delarue Are Collaborating With Authentique – Epicerie & Bar

Gallery Delarue, in collaboration with Authentique – Epicerie & Bar, is bringing about an event to celebrate French culture and art in an enjoyable way.

London (May 5th, 2019) –
Gallery Delarue has been known to hold the most innovative exhibitions that feature culture, modern art and technology in many different perspectives. They offer a creative platform for underground artists to have their art celebrated by art lovers.

They have recently curated an event in partnership with Authentique – Epicerie & Bar to celebrate French Art and cuisine! Authentique – Epicerie & Bar are providers of delicious French food and excellent wine pairings in London. They have chefs on board that are passionate about French food in particular and create unique and mouth-watering menus.

The event Gallery Delarue is going to execute alongside Authentique Epicerie + Bar is to push the notion of craft products from France and the French Speaking countries. With Live Art, Photography, Artwork on Canvases and French Wine tasting, this event will certainly enlighten visitors to the rich culture of France.

The event will be taking place on the 5th of May 2019 on Sunday between 14:30 - 22:00. Maximum capacity of people that will be allowed at one time will be 90 - 110 people across the day.

The founder of Gallery Delarue, Joe Bekrou states that ‘It was only right for Gallery Delarue to present the following concept as we believe it is the perfect collaboration between both parties. In keeping with the ideology of Authentique Epicerie, we are set to go with a French theme, the art pieces curated within the venue will be presented via French artists and artists that have a French influence. This event is for people that want to enjoy art, wine tasting and mingling with other people over art and wine on a lovely Sunday.’

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Gallery Delarue Presents: The Tough Luv Art Experience
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Gallery Delarue Presents: The Tough Luv Art Experience


After a successful 2017, Gallery Delarue is pleased to announce the first exhibition of 2018: The Tough Luv Art Experience.

Through art, this event will explore the various faces of ‘Tough Luv’; the bittersweet element of love. We take the theme of Love in all its complexity, and explore the resilience people develop through all forms of love.

Through the rose-tinted lens of positivity dictated to us by Disney© films, Hallmark© cards and Valentine’s Day, we are sold a flawless vision of love. A world where love is without struggle; without pain and without sacrifice.

In reality, within love there is mistrust, disappointment, anger, pride, ego and selfishness. It is this complete view of love that we explore in ‘Tough Luv’. The love that may not be comfortable, but allows us to develop wisdom, respect, trust and reciprocity in our relationships.

Whilst the rest of the world follows the orders of business-as-usual for Valentine’s Day, Gallery Delarue asks if love is always a positive feeling; a catch-all term to describe only the positive emotions of the human condition? Or does love have a binary opposite; not in hate, but in ‘Tough Luv’, where pain becomes an unavoidable, inevitable aspect of love that we should embrace, just as readily as the positive aspects of love? If we strive for love that is without the toughness, is it truly love?  

This event will feature a number of artists listed below that give their perspective and interpretation on the complexity of ‘Tough Luv’through the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture and fashion.

With music from DJ Millz, guests have the opportunity to socialise with the featured artists and like-minded individuals who come to Gallery Delarue to explore what it means to be human.

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