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Black Experience

Rebellious, Provocative and Unapologetic | Gallery Delarue Celebrates Black History Month with Art

 In continuation of its run of exhibitions this year, Gallery Delarue is proud to present Delarue: The Black Experience Edition, an enthralling art exhibition showcasing the illustrious work created by artists of Afro-Caribbean descent, from countries around the world.  

On 11th October, The Black Experience Edition will take residence exclusively for 1 night only at the centre of London’s creative community, The Hospital Club.

Featuring works by over 15 artists, encompassing both street and contemporary Black art styles, the exhibition delves into their individual interpretations of the black experience, revealing its history, culture, complexities and splendour.

Visitors will also learn about the Gallery Delarue movement presented by the curators themselves, and followed by a short Q & A session.

“We’re tremendously excited to bring together the works of such talented artists who are making their mark in the industry”

With the accompaniment of music from DJ ** throughout the night, guests have the opportunity to socialise with some of the compelling artists and celebrate Black History Month with Gallery Delarue on 11th October, 7pm – 11pm.

Tickets are to be available very soon.