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Dreph, The Quiet Hero

In a time where super comics movies are at their most prominence, everyday heroes are not often celebrated. In Gotham city when people are in trouble, they switch on the bat signals in the sky and Batman appears to help solve an injustice.

In London, you cannot walk the street and not see DREPH’s large scale murals, he is an everyday Batman, the bat signal is the portraits he paint in the city to do Art justice.

Neequaye Dsane is an unsung hero, a quiet defender of the art, a man of great knowledge and one that never shy away from a conversation when you meet him in flesh.He uses different medium to express himself, portrait is he’s preferred format.

Each art piece paint the extraordinary story of individuals that are example in their community, helping raise awareness on social battles they are fighting against.You could be strolling down Wardour street and stop in front of the giant portrait of ‘LeylaHusein on of many women that are celebrated in ‘You are enough series or you might be grocery shopping on Pope Road in Brixton and stop by ‘Michael John street painting part of the ‘Migration wall series.

One of the special powers Nequaye poses is empowering his muse by honouring them through their picture and allowing them to become part of the visual landscape of the neighbourhood. 

In an X-Men movie, he would be Professor Xavier, the bald character that helps other mutants reach their full potential and nurture their self-belief. Dreph a former secondary school art teacher uses his work to show his creative skill and also enlighten us.

The Street is his canvas.

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