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Takashi Murakami: Sitting at the Epicentre of Progressive Pop-Culture!
For those unfamiliar with the name Takashi Murakami, his long, unruly mane, salt & pepper-tainted beard and eccentric taste in clothes, however, may be enough to mentally place him in your Instagram feed standing alongside some of your favourite pop-culture icons. For years, Murakami has remained at the epicentre of the contemporary art world, with an expressive form of craftsmanship that intersects cues from several smaller subcultures, including ethnic customs, social segregation, animation and everything in between. Imaginative masterpieces aside, the artist has since become a fixture in the ever-expanding sartorial landscape, formulating collaborative capsules with some of the game’s most noteworthy players, namely, Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label, Drake’s OVO collective and accessories purveyor, PORTER, just to name a few.

Originating from Saka, Japan, Murakami and his family enjoyed a tranquil, nature-inspired upbringing before relocating to the bustling streets of Tokyo. A quick look back at the creator’s formative youth, goes on to reveal an early fascination with flora and fauna, with a then adolescent Takashi showing interest in the fields of zoology and biology. Upon entering high school, Takashisan was told that his academic capabilities sat on the short end of the stick and a future in either area would prove uneventful. Harrowing hardships such as this led to a world filled with science fiction and manga, which helped open up a realm of boundless creativity. By the time 12th grade rolled around, Murakami’s attraction to art hit an all-time high, leading him to theorise that a future in such a field was indeed feasible.

Daring To Be Different: Going Against The Grain

As a way to differentiate himself from all other contemporaries, the artist thought to establish himself in the western world prior to making a triumphant return home. The process evoked a sense of cultural chauvinism deep within the man—in a way strengthening the bond he has always held dear with his native homeland. On the hunt for something uniquely Japanese, focus shifted toward’s the nation’s “low” culture, which at this time saw the artist flirt more candidly with both, anime and manga. With that came an explosion of poetic caricatures—some rendered in a kaleidoscope of hues used to accent their eerily sinister expressions, to which Murakami has since become famous for. An ability to process the central intricacies of various subcultures led the artist to coin the phrase, “Superflat,” concluding that a legacy of flat, 2-dimensional imagery exists within Japanese manga. The proposed theory also served as a personal commentary on post-war Japan, alluding to a community keen on blurring the line between the region’s surrounding “high” and low” cultures.

Today, Murakami, along with his Kaikai Kiki foundation — a venture dedicated to the artists’s wide range of artistic endeavours —continue to push design well beyond the confines of contemporary art. An eager observer of all things pop-culture, Murakami’s creative reach extends, not only to paint and sculptures, but the worlds of fashion, sneakers, music and accessories. Last year proved especially poignant for the man, joining the likes of Virgil Abloh on their collaborative “AMERICA TOO” and “TECHNICOLOR 2” exhibits, not to mention a capsule collection released alongside PORTER. With mainstream pop-culture sitting idle to Murakami’s interpretive prism, there truly is no telling where the artist’s curious mind takes us next.

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