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Julia Lang: The Creative Genius Behind Brands Strategies and Success

“I don’t dress for the job I have. I dress for the job I want.” – Julia Lang

Up until only 15 years ago, professional careers were defined, not only by what you did for a living, but how well you carried out your role. Of course, factoring in such determinants as longevity, effort and who you know can be used to better measure one’s own successes, however, individual performances, for the most part, proved most influential with regards to how far one can go. My, how times have changed.

With the advent and speed of present-day social media, sharing your work with like minded souls can prove just as beneficial to your career as the type of work conducted. Exploring one’s own creative reach has given rise to an untapped realm of expressive artistry–in a sense providing those interested in satisfying his/her own entrepreneurial spirit a voice in which to communicate. And with that, marketing maestro, Julia Lang, discovered a way to harness the power of the World Wide Web as a way to effectively promote her loyal client base.

Who Is Julia Lang?
In her earlier years, Julia split time between Tanzania and her native Germany, before getting a taste of New York City. Vowing one day to return to the “Big Apple,” the talent specialist up and left the cushy confines of home to pursue a career in fashion amidst the bright lights of the bustling metropolis. Today, Julia owns and operates her very own creative agency, and is tasked with handling event production, image consulting and strategy development, just to name a few, for corporate conglomerates and celebrity influencers alike. For instance, one area of expertise involves social media management in other words, helping clients find their online voice, while finessing such tools as Instagram to get the public at large to view them exactly as they wish to be seen.

Julia recently took time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her inspirational back-story.

When someone asks what you do for a living, what do you normally tell him/her? How would you best describe your business model?
I run a creative agency, named Julia Lang WORLDWIDE LLC. I am a doggedly determined entrepreneur with a multifaceted agency that executes creative strategy, branding direction, image consulting, & event production for a slew of individual talents and fashion, beauty, & lifestyle brands. My clients and me shape the landscape of international fashion weeks & other high-profile events and are always at the epicenter of what’s most relevant in culture. My agency overhauls clients brand identities, molds them into trending topics in many fields, and opens doors for them to expand into exciting new arenas. I am also directing the digital presence of many brands and talents.

For an industry still so early in its infancy, how do you determine the best course of action for your clients when no real pre-existing blueprint exists?

Are you speaking about directing the digital presence of my clients? I feel extremely confident to say that my agency and myself are offering the best service out there, with collected experiences for almost a decade. It’s an ever- changing landscape and you have to adapt to it every single day.

Do plans for clients differ from industry to industry? How do you tailor specific strategies for multidisciplinary artists? For example, a fashion designer who also has ties with music and/or sports?
It’s always case-by-case. What works for one client might be completely different for what works for the next client. My agency tailors best practices for each individual client. No strategy repeats itself. The core might be similar, but each client has a different target audience and needs a strategy that serves it.

For someone whose job entails showing up to the most exclusive events, the general public may view your job as super glamorous. What are some tough aspects of the job no one ever gets to see?
The hours. It’s not uncommon at all, that during a whole week of Paris Fashion Week, for example, I get a full 20 hours of sleep. Meaning 2-3 hours a night. When it’s prime time, there is no time to sleep, eat or even connect with family and loved ones. People who love me, understand that it’s nothing personal but I am in tunnel vision mode during such prime time moments. The performances with my clients during such events are crucial for the longevity of the partnership, therefore I give 10,000% and more… lol.

What was your most challenging project to date? Who and what was involved?
It always challenging to break down the walls of the fashion industry for artists who are new to it. To have some of my clients seated front row and outfitted at the most high profile fashion brands is often challenging, but I don’t take any NO’s. If someone is my client, it’s due to the fact that I see someone in him or her, something rare and powerful.



I love the quote you gave in your interview with HYPEBEAST, “I don’t dress for the job I have, I dress for the job I want.” What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? What advice can you offer to someone interested in exploring this profession?
It’s funny because it’s seems like this quote during my Hypebeast BOH podcast stood out to a lot of people. I remember talking to Biggs over the phone before my podcast and he told me that it would be great. I asked him if there is anything that I should say and he said, “Remember when you told me once , I don’t dress for the job I have, I dress for the job I want,” make sure to mention it during the podcast. And I am glad that I did because I truly live by it. Nobody, not my boss, not society, not my family, not my friends can tell me who to be and what to wear. Me coming from a very conservative part in Germany, where people aren’t very open minded, I always encountered backlash and criticism about the way I dress… But my vision was always there and much bigger and brighter than anyone could tell me for myself. Therefore my advice is, DO YOU, AND LET NOBODY TELL YOU WHAT TO STRIVE FOR. Greatness is what I will forever strive for.


What will the industry look like five years from now? How do you plan on keeping pace with its evolution?
I have no idea do be honest, and that’s also why my agency is way more diverse than only digital branding. But there will be a shift eventually and as a leader and entrepreneur, you can never think and/or work in the NOW, you always have to plan your next steps and think ahead of the time to stay relevant and successful.

Are you able to divulge what projects you have in the works?
Some projects that I am planning right now will speak for themselves. Stay tuned…

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