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Who is Kezhia Quarcoo?

Abstraction & Identity, the two words that artist Kezhia Quarcoo uses to describe her work and the themes that run through each of her personal projects.

When you delve through the lens of Kezhia Quarcoo viewing her most recent work ‘Considerate’, its safe to say that challenging the human perspective on body image, and how the world perceives nudity, is something she is passionate about and does extremely well.

 “I’ve always been fascinated with body and skin” – Kezhia Quarcoo

Drawing from her youth, and how those experiences informed how she viewed her body in a negative way, “Considerate” was birthed with the notion of normalising all bodies, to celebrate all differences, to realise what beauty is.

In a time where social media influences how society defines beauty today, ‘Considerate’ is not only a breathe of fresh air but needed to empower people to take more control over their definition of beauty. Projects like this will encourage society to become less reliant on outside sources and allow them to define what beauty is for themselves!

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