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All I want is equality
by Yann Couedor

Parisian artist Yann Couedor is most known for his most recent focus on portraiture collage. He merges this with painting and other mechanical methods, choosing celebrities and notable figures in pop culture as the subjects for his portraits.

However, in a recent piece named All I want is equality, Couedor manifests 2020’s BLM social movement in a single image. The words All I want is equality are carefully positioned, appearing as tattoos on the skin of fists held high symbolically. It is Couedor’s take on political art and the BLM movement; the use of colour and monochrome become intermingled, only adding another layer to the ever-important message of racial equality. This contrast between colour and monochrome feature throughout this artists portfolio, and is carefully done in a way that feels original, skilful, and creative. It is quite refreshing to see an artist take an alternative approach to portraiture – Couedor’s style makes us appreciate both his choice of subject and artistic style.

Words by Chloe Copley