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Circular Form by Callum Simmons

A continuation of Callum Simmons’ love for colour and dimensionality, this piece among many other studies of the circular form shows an alternately progressive approach to presenting the colour spectrum. While there may not be any particular reasoning for Simmons’ choice in colour and exploring the circular form, there is an underlying fact that he is creating out of pure enjoyment, not because he is being limited to a set of rules.

The circular form, perhaps thought to limit one’s creativity, is utilised by Simmons in a way that feels very contemporary, thus presenting a new, fresh feel to cyclical forms. There is no suggestion that Simmons is creating for the purpose and enjoyment of others, for pieces akin to this demonstrate a much more selfish purpose.

To some, a piece like this may look relatively simple, some may even say easy to conduct. However, posts to his Instagram story suggests otherwise. It requires patience, skill, and ultimately, talent. Simmons uses an array of tools when creating these circular forms, inks and acrylics to help with the effect of gradients and three-dimensionality that is characteristic of his work. More of these circular studies are featured on his website, proving that Simmons is well rounded in his practice and isn’t afraid of doing something a little bit out of the box.

Words by Chloe Copley


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