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Memory of You by Ieva Li

The third piece of Li’s recent series sticks with the minimalistic monochrome aesthetic. It features the profile of what is presumably the artists’ face, centralised and printed as an arguably simple yet dramatic statement piece. Akin to the work mentioned previously, this new direction of Li’s work is very exciting, for it shows clear elements of spontaneity, joy and experimentation from working without limitations.

Fine lines, pores and wrinkles – ‘flaws’ we are supposed to ignore and hide – are highlighted by the imprint of the paint on the paper. It is through this presentation of these flaws that we find beauty and can celebrate without fear of being judged by societal beauty standards. Of course, this may not have been what Li was intending when developing this simplistic print, rather, this fact alone means that we, as viewers, can connect with the artist and their practice.

Words by Chloe Copley


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