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Night Wind by Ieva Li

Moving onto the final piece of this series, we can see a continuation of Li’s iconic ‘body prints’. Like the others in this series there is a consistency in the use of monochrome, however, this one feels very different from the rest in the chaos that has ensued. Large brush strokes span across the page, as though Li has used large or excessive body movements to leave such marks.

When we look at all four pieces together as a series or collection, there is certainly an apparent theme that can be drawn together. It could perhaps be a reflection or perception of the artists own body, as represented through using the body as a tool for painting and creating shapes of the body. While this has been explored somewhat in her previous artworks, this series of four demonstrates promise for future exciting experimentations where mark-making and minimalism are much more considered as a part of Li’s artistic practice.

Words by Chloe Copley


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