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The Geometric Mural

A beautiful amalgamation of geometry and the colour spectrum, Callum Simmons’ collaboration with Makers Cabinet and Cha Chaan Teng is a fresh approach to merging contemporary art with street graffiti. For many individuals who have grown up in the city and within the working-class, graffiti is no sight for sore eyes – it becomes part of the industrial landscape, giving personality to an otherwise bland environment.

Simmons in this large-scale mural does successfully cover up what once was a vandalised metal gate, though includes snippets of streaked spray-paint in a way that pays homage to his own love of street art; seen dotted through Simmons’ own Instagram profile.  

Out of all of the commissioned murals that have been stamped by Simmons’ mark, this one by far is most reflective of his artistic practice and interests. A knowledge of colour, medium and composition play into his creativity, for the colours feel vibrant and rife with energy, further amplified by the careful layering of geometrical shapes. It is a piece that would be hard for passers-by to ignore instead of gawk at and admire; which seems to be a key characteristic in much of Simmons’ work dating back to 2018. 

It is safe to say that Simmons has come a long way since his 2019 political paintings and kinetic art investigations. He has grown substantially as an artist despite the restrictions of Covid-19. Instead delving head-first into unique projects such as this East London Mural that will surely place his name on the map.

Words by Chloe Copley


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