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Zela by .EPOD

Known for being a mixed-media artist that presents transcendental dreamscapes across many canvases and street walls, .EPOD based in London explores his imagination in Zela. Many of .EPOD’s work feels futuristic and surrealist, the merging of portraiture and geometric shapes taking the viewer to alternate realities.

Work such as Zela is highly conceptual and is a great example of urban art meeting fine art; the artists’ love for industrial architecture and figures is made apparent in both the foreground and background of this painting. There are hints of a cityscape behind a mysterious female figure and billowing pink cloud of smoke, where, upon closer inspection, more geometric shapes peek through and guide the viewers eye to other sections of the piece. While the use of dripping paint can often feel cliché in the world of contemporary art, .EPOD’s work does not feel this way; each brushstroke and flick of paint is purposeful – though unbeknown to us, are potentially a series of chance and happy mistakes.

Colour is a key part to this artist’s identity and for developing the energy of an imaginary dreamscape that flows through their portfolio. Colours blend together effortlessly, though also manage to stand out individually in their own right to create bold contrast and a sense of depth. Although portraiture can sometimes become repetitive, .EPOD mixes things up, constantly bouncing back and forth between futuristic skyscapes, murals and sculpture. This artist keeps us on our toes, waiting in anticipation for what exciting piece or project will be revealed to the public next.

Words by Chloe Copley