Nostalgia Ultra by TJ Agbo

Music is a huge part of my life; music is what started my self-exploration at about 4 years old. My mother always played a lot of music when I was growing up, so I spent my childhood dancing and listening to music. Music made me pay attention to what was happening inside me at a young age. Certain sounds and chords always made me feel specific things. “this song feels like the sun is shining on me” or “this song feels like how I felt when I went to such and such’s house with my favourite outfit on”. It took me to new worlds whilst in the safety of my home. I used to match how certain songs felt, with how I assumed certain emotions would feel that I was yet to experience.

Let’s get blown by Snoop and Pharrell is what I thought infatuation felt like. I was always a curious child always thinking about the future and I used music as my way to explore the world before I was old enough to have my freedom. I spent a large part of my childhood being a music nerd and listening to different albums front to back.

Fast forward many years, I’ve started on my artist journey. I always thought I would be a musician but life had other plans for me. When I would attempt to create, I would often find it hard to connect to a feeling and that creative essence. I started listening to music whilst working as I found that it took straight to those nostalgic feelings I had when I was first exploring the world through music. I use the feelings as a compass to guide me on my new artistic journey. –TJ Agbo

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