Gallery Delarue Story


Gallery Delarue (meaning Gallery of Street) was founded by, Joe Bekrou, Ayoola Lawal, Jeffrey Jay and Arnold Soazandry. Inspired by their admiration for street and contemporary art and urban culture, they created an online gallery that celebrates street culture including fashion, music, philosophy, art and its artists.

As a young person, I was always surrounded by graffitis in Paris and have always admired the rebellious tone of its artists because it expressed how we felt.
— Co-Founder, Ayo

Through their collective reverence, Gallery Delarue aims to embody this subversive expressionism through their self-built online platform, bringing it offline through exclusive events across the UK and Europe.

We always had a profound admiration for this culture, which we have expressed by sharing artwork and music from some of our favourite
artists on our respective social media pages and the idea of Gallery Delarue was born from this shared passion.
— Co-Founder, Joe Bekrou

After a trip to one of Europe’s street-art capital cities, Berlin, the trio decided to initially launch this movement on social media to pave the way for their first exhibition on May 5th, 2017, followed closely by 4 successful exhibitions – two of which were held at the exclusive private members club, The Hospital Club, which included an exhibition dedicated to the series of photographs produced by Esther Anderson showcasing Bob Marley’s emergence and transition from street-poet to iconic figure.

Gallery Delarue have also worked with famous artists; Fred Ebami, Adelaide Damoah and Exhibit 69 to name but a few.

What we really want to do is to carry on what we started in 2017 by keeping the same defiant spirit that is embodied in this culture and take it to the next level...It is very important to us to shed light on upcoming artists, designers, writers and musicians who we believe will be the next ones to lead this culture and present them to diverse audiences in different locations. We want to provide unknown artists with the space to showcase their creativity.
— Co-Founder, Arnold Sozandry

Gallery Delarue choose venues which harmonise with the contemporary street-art scene which offer both artist and audience an immersive experience.

We want to provide the type of space where artists and other creatives can showcase their art in venues which complement the rebellious and uncompromising undertone of their message, be it fashion, music, literature or product design.

We are going to carry on in making sure those artists have a place to exhibit their work in all our events
— Event Director, Jeffrey-Jay